A gospel-centered church in Austin, Texas

Mission sounds like something that other people do, somewhere else. We often think of mission as an event or a trip, but really, mission is a way of life that demonstrates the power of the gospel at work in us. As the gospel is changing us, individually and corporately, it is also pushing us out into our friendships, places of work, neighborhoods, and daily activities with renewed purpose. We are called and sent to be the church - the people of God - everywhere, all the time. So instead of passively experiencing life, we are an outward facing community that seeks to put the gospel on display in word and deed, so that those around us will see the beauty and wisdom and deity of Jesus (John 17:21). Practically speaking, we do this by committing ourselves to the deliberate practice of two simple rhythms:

Living Out

We do not isolate ourselves from the world; instead we seek to engage the world around us for the glory of God and the good of humanity. We practice the rhythm of living out by:

  • Loving, blessing, and serving our neighbors
  • Listening to the questions, objections, and concerns people have about God
  • Paying attention to the dominant stories that have shaped the people we know, so we can learn how to tell God’s story in relevant and engaging ways
  • Giving generously and sacrificially to meet the needs of others
  • Working against injustice, oppression, and poverty in our city and in the world

Inviting In

Jesus welcomed anyone who was interested in learning from him. He regularly shared meals, conversations, and life with others, inviting them to encounter the kingdom of God. In the same way, we invite others into community so they can experience the gospel among us. In our cultural setting, many people have become jaded toward the message of Christianity. They are not willing to hear about God unless they can see the kingdom of God in action. So we encourage them to journey alongside us and observe how the gospel affects our patterns of living, relating, working, and worshiping. Anyone who's curious about Jesus can sojourn among us, no strings attached. We're not trying to get people to just come to church. We're looking to be the church among them. We practice the rhythm of inviting in by:

  • Practicing hospitality (opening our homes and lives to others)
  • Cultivating generosity
  • Gathering together in gospel community
  • Living in repentance and faith (honesty about sin and confidence in Jesus)
  • Allowing people to belong before they believe or behave

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