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We gather in Gospel Communities all throughout our city. Click on the map to locate one near you.

Gospel Communities

Gospel Community (GC) is a value that never changes, and it is a structure that changes according to God’s leading. As a value, a Gospel Community represents a group of people who are learning and living out the gospel on mission together. As a structure, GCs form around geography, affinity, and missional focus.

These groups are not something different than missional life, but rather a communal expression of it. They consist of Christians who are missionaries in their culture, newer Christians who are learning to live on mission, and sojourners who are not yet convinced of the gospel of Jesus. GCs meet regularly for vision, prayer, study, fellowship, care, and accountability. In an ongoing way, GCs are doing life together, pursuing intentional mission together, and serving the church alongside one another.

Gospel Community Leaders

You can view all of our Gospel Communities, along with when and where they meet, at our GC Google Map. You can also click on a leader's name below to email them about their group. And make sure to sign-up for weekly email communication to receive updates on GCs, Sunday gatherings, and lots of other things related to the life of our church.