A gospel-centered church in Austin, Texas

Recommended Books

Books can be really helpful, but choosing a book can be overwhelming. We recommend the following titles based on a few criteria: 1) It aligns with our value of gospel-centrality, 2) It speaks to your heart and mind, and 3) It addresses a topic of need that we think is important for our church. For your benefit, titles are listed in order from introductory to more in-depth and the publisher's descriptions have been included.

Gospel & Theology


Spiritual Formation

Church & Leadership

Marriage & Family

Masculinity & Femininity

Culture & Renewal

Worldview & Apologetics

The Basics of the Reformed Faith Series

These booklets address many of the questions and define much of the vocabulary that someone unfamiliar with Reformed theology may need answered. The titles are self-explanatory for the content of each booklet.

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