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God’s Purpose for Sabbath Rest

This past Sunday, Will preached on God’s intention and design for Sabbath rest by looking at the creation account in Genesis 2. He sought to answer three questions: 1) What is the purpose of Sabbath rest? 2) Why do we struggle to do it? And … 3) How do we redeem a rhythm of rest in our lives?


False Religion

In college I measured my progress in faith by what I didn’t do. In ministry, I measured my progress by what I did do (my performance). In both cases, I was trying to establish a righteousness of my own, before God and others. That kind of Christianity is not only exhausting; it’s actually not Christianity at all. It’s legalism – an approach to God that treats Him as a system to be worked rather than a person to be known and loved and served.


Community Idolatry

Bob Thune and I are working on a follow-up study to The Gospel Centered Life. One of the lessons has this chart, which I am unable to sit on until it is published. So here’s a sneak peek:

Community is about God. Community exists to declare his praises and to exalt his goodness and to display his excellencies. True community – the community we were made for – is God-centered and God-focused and God-exalting.