Providence Church Blog A gospel-centered church in Austin, Tx


The Church

Providence Church is a gospel-centered church in Austin, Texas. We long to be the kind of people who have first-hand knowledge of Jesus and can talk about Him with sincerity (gospel content), who experience the love of Christ through each other (gospel community), and who are compelled by the love of Christ to die to self and live for his mission (gospel cause). That is how we envision what it means to pursue our mission, which is to cultivate the work of God’s grace to redeem people, renew culture, and reproduce gospel communities.

We talk a lot about story at Providence. The grand narrative is the redemptive story of God’s movement toward us in Christ to rescue and restore the world. The particular story of Providence Church is that we were planted in the Fall of 2010, and our time together so far as a church family has been very simple, as we have trusted God to grow our community through relationships. And there has been much to celebrate. In our short existence, we have experienced God’s grace in material provision, in bringing people to faith in Jesus, in connecting people to a church community for the first time, and in moving us toward deeper commitment and worship with our whole lives. In every great story, what you discover in the end is that the destination is not the only thing that matters, but also the transformation of the characters. Success in the story of Providence Church will not just be about size or influence. It will be about the transformation of our lives and families along the way. In all of this we will endeavor to fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

You can read more about the DNA of our church, see where we gather around Austin, and peruse some of our resources at our full website.

The Blog

You could make a good argument that the last thing our world needs is another blog. Your first point would be that there is already something like 500 million blogs out there (“out there” is where the internet is, in case you were wondering). Nevertheless, we are starting a blog because we think it adds value to our mission and community. We want to articulate the gospel for our particular calling and context. We want to give expression to the voices of our people. We don’t mind being a single voice in a large choir, so long as the song we’re singing is for the glory and fame of Jesus.