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The Discipline of Presence

“Know that showing up is half the battle.”

I lifted weights five days a week this summer with my little brother—his senior season of basketball provided the motivation to get stronger. The above quote was posted on the front door of the gym, and for the three months we spent working out at 6:30am, it was true. The hardest part, easily, was just getting there. Never did we show up and decide not to work out. And the workout itself was always pretty enjoyable—we were there together, and afterwards our bodies felt good and refreshed.

The only barrier that my brother and I truly experienced in working out was the mornings when sleep was just too hard to overcome, and so we didn’t show up. Our presence at the gym was crucial to us getting stronger.


When Leaders Die

When I heard about the passing of Steve Jobs yesterday evening, for some reason it struck a chord of emotion in me in a way that isn’t typical when I learn of the death of someone famous. The emotion I felt when Bill Bright died was more intense (I wept), but there was something similar in my feelings last night. I’m trying to pinpoint what it is, and I think I’ve identified it. When someone dies who has helped shape a generation, there is both a sense of loss and a sense of wonder as to who will step up to fill their shoes. Who will be next in line to take great risks? Who will cast bold vision? Who will winsomely but doggedly change the way millions of people see the world? I guess what I’m saying is that I mourn the loss of leaders.